oaklevel 3 years, 5 months ago on Consultant evaluates county 911 call center

Well hopefully something good will come of this. She needs to interview each fire dept. It is getting ridiculous that we are here to provide a service to the tax payers, and our dispatch center is making that very difficult to fulfill. Of course the ones that get blamed are the firefighters as it takes us so long to get there. When in reality its EOC causing it. There are times (numerous lately) that it has been upwards of 10+ minutes (after the ambulance has been dispatched) before EOC will dispatch first responders to a call. A lot of those times the only way the first responders get dispatched is after the ambulance mentions something about first responders. In medical situations this is time that is very valuable. I know of an instance where it was 20 minutes before they dispatched for a cardiac arrest. The new radio system that has been installed for the fire departments is junk. We have to change to too many different towers to even get EOC to hear us. Another issue is the dispatchers dont pay attention to the fire departments. We arent as important as law enforcement apparently. I think its time for some MAJOR changes. There were some issues when Diemler ran EOC but no where near the issues we are having now.