moveforward 3 years, 6 months ago on Fulton DREAM project enters strategic plan phase

Downtown merchants in Jefferson City deal with cleaning up urine, vomit, broken bottles & trash left behind from patrons of the many bars that have moved into the downtown district. Due to no-smoking ordinances, the bars have patio tables set-up on the sidewalk for smoking patrons whose smoke blows into the open doors of adjacent businesses, some sharing their drinks with minors hanging out with them.

Nothing like an afternoon shopping trip marred by patio-patrons yelling at passers-by in vehicles "hey motherf**r git your "blank" over here" and tossing cigarettes butts everywhere. Merchants are pretty happy, too, about the clusters of people outside the tattoo parlor and bars that block the sidewalk, heckle each other, stand shirtless and block entrances to other businesses. Of course, parking gets pretty limited too; but shoppers don't really mind parking a couple blocks away, right?