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mermaid 5 years, 3 months ago on Twain tweeking receives mixed reaction in Callaway

I'm not sure what purpose this serves except to show what was going on in America during that part of history. Are they going to change history and leave out how men and women were killed and called the n-word to something more politically correct? How does that serve the memory of the people who were killed? Japan doesn't teach about their part in the attack of Pearl Harbor in their history classes. Maybe we should follow the same pattern and not teach anything that isn't politically correct to these times. Let's see, that would include slavery, all wars including the Civil War, the Holicaust, oh and this could include the thoughts and words of our forefathers to include the Constitution, Bill of Rights.........geez....this could go on forever. Leave the literature alone otherwise the whole sense of that era has no value. It would be like changing the words to songs. Somehow I can't see the NAACP wanting to change the words to rap songs of today to delete the n-word, the b-word, wh-word.......I find these more offensive than Mark Twain's literature.