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mary_Q 5 years, 2 months ago

I grew up in Fulton and had lived there most of my life. Recently I moved to California where it is illegal to text or talk on the phone while driving. If you get caught it is a hefty fine and increase on your insurance plus you have to go to drivers classes. Maybe some think this is over use of the system but would you say that if your loved one was run over by someone using their phone? I would think not. The comment about only women text and drive is completely ascinine. Really you can back that up with what facts? I know of many men and boys who are on their phones as much as or more than alot of women I know so I would dispute your claim. How about we don't blame one sex and work on fixing the problem, It starts with education on proper usage of your phone and setting the proper example for your kids. I think parents need to take the time to teach their kids when and how to use the phone and if rules are not followed take it away. I have child and enforce that rule myself and have had no problems yet. I think it should be made illegal there and people should be informed of the consequences if they are caught texting or talking on the phone and driving. I can only hope that it will be more than the $10 fine they used to enforce seatbelts because that did nothing. Here if you are seen another driver can call in and report you and the officers can pull you over without any other cause. You are behind the wheel of a multi-ton missle and I would not want you driving around my neighborhood distracted when the kids are out playing. Think about that whenever you are driving and your friend calls to tell you they got this really cool phone. would it really kill you to pull off the road to answer that phone if it is so important?


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