listerine4u 5 years ago on FPS seek options to feed youth over summer break

fultonian 2 hours, 14 minutes ago "I've worked at the local soup kitchen in Fulton before and seen numerous people standing in line... talking on their cell phones... smoking cigarettes... awaiting a free meal since they are so down on their luck they can't afford food."

Although I don't support the government taking on responsibilities of the parent, You, Fultonian, are a liar. And you certainly haven't worked in a Fulton soup kitchen before. Fulton doesn't have a soup kitchen, and hasn't at least since 1993. The closest thing would be Serve Inc., which gives free groceries. Furthermore, You have posted this exact comment in the Tribune, nearly word for word, and you were lying then too. If you oppose the idea, fine, a lot of us do. But when you just make stuff up, you should know how obvious it is to those that know better. You hurt your cause, genious.