lisadeardorff 3 years, 2 months ago on lisadeardorff

I like that Fulton state hospital put into a new policy that it did not care that gov.nixon declares a state of emergency in missouri due to severe winter storms. because anyone not able to get there would get a write up as a awol and could not use any time they have to cover this. so they would just not get paid. not caring if you get killed out on the highway or not. but if you say you got stuck on the roads getting there you still could just freeze because you still didn't make it. I have fmla stating that my back and knee is really bad and i could not shovel this much snow that is still coming down or try to walk 30 miles to work. but state trumps federal fmla. than when i corner them on this they said no we can get a doctors note to cover it. But again they are forcing the cost of insurance up by making you go back to the doctor to get a note for something you already have a note for. which is flma. so when speaking to the doctors office they explained that they don't give out fmla lightly and it is to cover you before you get hurt and if your work would like you to do something out side of what we said was safe for you and would cause great pain and more damage to you than maybe they should be made responsible for getting you hurt. with the cost of insurance and taxes out each year you bring home around 17 thousand dollars. But at the end of the email to inform us of this it reads.. COURAGE IS TAKING ACTION AGAINST HURTFUL AND DISRESPECTFUL BEHAVIORS, FOLLOWING THE RULES....AND INSISTING THAT OTHERS DO THE SAME, AND DOING WHAT YOU KNOW IS RIGHT IN SPRITE OF ADVERSITY!!!!