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kbbratt 4 years, 11 months ago

I think the people of Fulton are looking at this dog issue all wrong. The problem isn't the dogs or the breed....the problem is with the DOG OWNERS. These IRRESPONSIBLE people who don't take the time or effort to teach their pets proper behavior. If you teach your pet to not dash out the door when it is opened then they wouldn't run out the door and attack someone. You can't blame a dog for not being taught they truly only know what they learn. Put the blame where it really belongs the OWNERS. All and I mean ALL dog breeds have a tendency for aggressiveness but if they are taught from the beginning it is unacceptable then they learn not to do it. As for those owners who say they have a dog for "protection" A dog will always protect their "pack" they don't have to be taght to do that. They CAN be taught not to attack or be aggressive and still protect when truly necessary. Pet owners need to step up and do whats right or deal with consequences.


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