egabtr 2 years, 10 months ago on Fulton residents weed Carver Park sign, plant flowers

Anyone with an ounce of awareness in this town knows that Carver Park is the place to go if you want drugs. Do the citizens know it? Yes. Do the cops know it? Of course. Why don't they do anything about it? Publicity. Sure, they can bust the odd, small-time drug pusher here and there, but why do that when they can wait and do a big sweeping bust of multiple people? Gains a lot more positive spin for them that way.

There is no reason for the same people to keep standing on the same street corners, fultonian. Common sense tells you what they are doing, and it does not take a psychic to see it. There is a reason why only the extreme locals to that park go there and 95% of the rest of Fulton's citizens do not.