ckcritic 3 years, 7 months ago on New all-you-care-to-eat buffet opens in Fulton

I guess Fulton finally said bye bye to the fine dining establishment I liked to refer to as the "slightly warmed canned vegtable buffet"!!! Sorry it didnt work out....


ckcritic 4 years ago on New all-you-care-to-eat buffet opens in Fulton

If you are going to start an "all you can eat" buffet you have to have more than 3 entrees. Although the ambiance was nice the food was absolutely horrible, let me stress this... it was horrible. If you like eating vegetables out of a can then this place is for you, as a restaurateur you can't just simply open a can of green beans, corn, or peas and call it good. The vegetables had absolutely NO seasoning. The manager being a KFC person you would think that the chicken would be edible, the chicken was very soggy (as if it didn’t get drained and left in the oil before serving) The "pot roast" tasted like it was boiled in water for hours then thrown on the line (again no seasoning). My daughter (who is a cookie expert) was not impressed with the "desert" line, I mean really? 4 plates of processed cookies? What will it take for the owners to realize that this is not a place the city of Fulton is going to embrace, mark my words...unless you do something original, or unless you "personalize" some flavors the city will stop coming. I will be reluctant to return. The staff was nice but very distant, the owners just stood and stared at the buffet line, as if the were admiring the culinary masterpiece, or maybe they were embarrassed for the 3 entrees, 9 vegetables, and 2 bowls of salad that they call their "all you can eat" or their "mini" Golden Corral. -Still Hungry