chatkat1 2 years ago on Historian, newsman selected as prayer breakfast speaker

It is unbelievable to me that the supreme court dictates anything about religion.And where does this law exist that makes it unconstitutional to hold a prayer breakfast sponsored by a mayor?With all the horrible things going on in the world,in our towns,in the schools and even in our own homes the more prayers we have the better.The supreme court is NOT the supreme being.No court or law will ever dictate to me when,where,how or to whom I will pray.Our country was founded on the promise of freedom of religion.


chatkat1 2 years ago on chatkat1

I know it is the hardest thing to set back and watch the complete lack of civil rights that children have.Do they not have the right to have their basic needs met? I mean food, is okay it seems that others have to bring food into the home(where ever that may be at the time)Rebuy school clothes because their parent won't even bring their clothes to them.Yet she can have visitation to them but the very families that provide for them can't even take them to see their greatgrandmother who is ill.They are condesending and rude at times.I'm sure not all are like this but I sure would like to run across one.


chatkat1 2 years, 1 month ago on chatkat1

I would be interested in knowing what has to happen to children in order for DFS to direct their services toward protecting the children and not the parent who has consistently proven that her childrens safety is the least of her worries. The tax payers I presume pay their wages.So far what I have witnessed is this job is a pay check and nothing more.