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chatkat1 3 years, 2 months ago

I would be interested in knowing what has to happen to children in order for DFS to direct their services toward protecting the children and not the parent who has consistently proven that her childrens safety is the least of her worries. The tax payers I presume pay their wages.So far what I have witnessed is this job is a pay check and nothing more.


grandparent 3 years, 1 month ago

I totally agree with you. We are grandparent that have been fighting for the safety of our grand children, did you know in Mo. all the grandparent right are is visitation once every six months. It is a fact that the university of mo. study says that like 68% of the grand parent in the state of Mo. in 2000 was rising their grand children but had no rights to them at all, the parents can come back and take them at any time and there is not a thing the grand parents can do that is totally not right no way shape or form.... We have been thru the D F S thing and thru court over 25 times and I personally think the court system makes up what ever they want the out come to be. In our case going thru court the court appoints a G A L basically the one they want. the problem with that is the same as the problem with D F S they both are not held responsible for there actions I will not go in to what happen in our case. The last two governors of this state keep talking about the future of this state but what they do not realize is the future is the children of this state but they are not willing to do anything to help them in the court system. the real problem lays with D F S and the G A L s in this state in our case because they have immunity from prosecution and that is not no way right where do they have a right to ruin a child's life because they do not do there job. like chatkat1 they are just their for the check I will not go in the counselor in our case but she did not do her job either THERE NEED TO BE CHANGE IN CHILDREN LAWS...........


chatkat1 3 years, 1 month ago

I know it is the hardest thing to set back and watch the complete lack of civil rights that children have.Do they not have the right to have their basic needs met? I mean food, is okay it seems that others have to bring food into the home(where ever that may be at the time)Rebuy school clothes because their parent won't even bring their clothes to them.Yet she can have visitation to them but the very families that provide for them can't even take them to see their greatgrandmother who is ill.They are condesending and rude at times.I'm sure not all are like this but I sure would like to run across one.


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