cap1845 3 years, 6 months ago on Lake Mykee annexation to Holts Summit proposed

Haycook says he is doing this only as a residence. Why don't you mention you are with the Holts Summit Police Dept. or should I say somewhat, Couldn't cut it as a cop so you just do their public speaking and like always you stick your foot in your mouth. I still say I stopped and since you didn't write me a ticket, I think you know you were wrong.

I must be one of the 25% because I don't want the speed trap cops of Holts Summit here. If they did more then just write tickets, that would be another thing. When I did have a problem while at a gas station in HS. a sheriff stopped and made the ex settle down until a HS officer could get there which was another 10 minutes and I still have not heard back from that officer.