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Vehicle collision on Jefferson flips Ford Escape October 9, 2015


bkms 2 years, 11 months ago on Lake Mykee annexation to Holts Summit proposed

I agree, take care of the problems in Holts Summit first before trying to take on more. A suggestion would be maybe run traffic on other street rather then just on Hwy 54. Their is more to Holts Summit then just Hwy 54 and I'm sure the citizens would like to see the patrol cars in other locations then just the Hwy. Haycook might just be a resident of Lake MyKee but he failed to mention that he is also with the Holts Summit Police Department. **Haycook said some calls by residents to the Callaway County Sheriff’s Department draw no response and others require a wait of 45 minutes before a deputy appears.** I think that is a bias statement since Haycook is with the Holts Summit Police Department and Haycook wants the Holts Summit Police Department to take over. Lets see what the great Mayor Brian Fitzpatrick does with all of this. I don't see where he is doing a great job handling the town of Holts Summit much less trying to take on more.