Michelle Cascio

Vote_Yes_on_Prop_B 5 years, 6 months ago on Both sides passionate about Prop B

To help set standards for care, Prop B will require an annual veterinary examination for each dog and prompt treatment for any illness or injury—basics of care that most Americans already provide for their dogs. Unlike large-scale mills, responsible breeders already abide by this common-sense standard of care. Missouri’s puppy mills rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in puppy sales; surely they should be able to afford a once-a-year veterinary exam for the breeding animals who are the backbone of their business. Current Missouri regulations already require each licensed breeder to have an attending veterinarian who makes “regularly scheduled” walk-throughs, but Prop B will require that the veterinarian actually examine each individual dog. Given the types of severe ailments seen every day in puppy mills, it’s absurd to think that any inspector would suggest criminal charges for “a scratch on the nose” or other minor issues.