TOMMYSMOM 4 years, 11 months ago on Advocator

I whole heartily agree with Advocator!!! Rock1853, there truly are reponsible pet owners, I also happen to be an owner of one of the breeds that you listed. I would never say that my dog would NEVER bite anyone (he has never been aggressive towards anyone) but he is an animal and under the right circumstances, scared etc.. he very well could bite someone, however, three quarters of my property is enclosed with a 6' tall privacy fence with post embedded two feet under ground and ALL of my property even the area with the 6' tall fence is surrounded by an invisible fence, just in case he ever figured a way out of the privacy fence he will still be contained to MY yard! He is NEVER allowed outside by himself he is my responsibility, (if only most parents of children would be at least that responsible, then maybe children wouldn't be "venturing" into other peoples yards). I don't believe in "breed profiling" which is what Rock1853 is doing, not all animals of a certain breed are vicious, upbringing, training etc.. all help determine an animals temperatment. By the way the fence(s) are not because he is "mean" aggressive" or "vicious" I just happen to be a responsible pet owner looking out for the best interest of my animal, partly because OTHER people are not responsible for their animals or their children for that matter. I am sorry that Rock1853 was attacked by an animal, but don't hold ALL animals responsible for the event that happened to you. I also hope that the registration fees that are to be collected will go to either the local animal shelter or to a fund that could be used to help pay for spay and neuter for families that can't afford that procedure.


TOMMYSMOM 5 years, 1 month ago on TOMMYSMOM

I agree, the parents of this child should supervise the child as well as their animal, I don't think that this animal should be put down either, he was chained in HIS yard and if the child had not bothered him he wouldn't have been bitten! This is very sad that a responsible pet owner is going to put down a member of his family because someone elses irresponsiblity!!


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Our thoughts and prayers should also be with the driver of the bus, I am sure he feels devastated. This was an ACCIDENT! This man knows these children and loves them he sees them day in and day out, he knows their families, so when you say your prayers please say one for him and his family as well, Amen!