SillBimpson 3 years ago on Fulton schools simplify teacher salary schedule

Advocator, Why don't you stop by the high school and ask? I am pretty sure that if you were to stop by the high school that someone could tell you all about it. The principal, assistant principal or one of the teachers could probably give you the information that you are seeking. I am not sure how the Intervention Program fits into an article written about salary schedules, but I am sure you could find a way to make a correlation. It seems to me that you are either a former school employee that is just wanting to stir the pot for some reason (man I bet you have huge biceps and triceps from the stirring you try to do) or you are an upset person who lives in this wonderful community that has nothing better to do then to bash a school district. We are fortunate to have a school system with some wonderful teachers. I have read your posts and understand that you said, "people wonder what is wrong with schools in this country. It is not the teachers!" I agree wholeheartedly with you, it is not the teachers. What is wrong with schools in this country? People like you who question everything with such a negative attitude, not willing to help is what is wrong. If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. Isn't there enough negative things going on in society? Being a teacher, principal, or superintendent is a difficult job, I am sure. We should be supporting our schools. I am pretty sure you are a college educated person, why don't you use your intelligence to help out our schools system and volunteer or mentor the youth in this community. But please, do us one favor, stop posting ridiculous comments or concerns unless you are willing to help. It sure is sad that an educator can be so negative about schools. The high school is located on the north side of town on Business 54, east side of the road. Big building, lots of students and teachers there.....but you know this, you did work there! Have a nice day! :-)