Sherwood3 3 years, 4 months ago on Hundreds receive free Christmas gifts through local woman's efforts

So very proud to say this is my mom! She works all year round collecting for this event. Through the gracious donations of people in the community we are able to put this event on. There is no funding from City, State or Government but yet God still makes it possible. Its a true testament of people showing good will toward their fellow man. We have drove as far as Columbia collecting toys that were donated. She has been reaching out to those in need as long as I can remember. She even had my son start helping her when he first started forming sentences. Mom has always instilled in us that we should always try and help others. You never know when you might be in that same situation. No one person is less important and money does not make the person but character does. Thank you Mom for teaching me these lessons so that I may pass them on to my child.