Seth 3 years, 6 months ago on South Callaway Fire sees conflict at board meeting

It is so interesting to sit here and read the comments that are posted from behind a fake name, why is it that you cant use your real name? As the newest appointed Officer in the dept. i do feel there are changes that need to be made, however i am not going to hide behind a fake name to say it, the truth of the fact is we have some great people on our dept who work hard to do there job for the better good on the community! As a dept we need to work togather, do the job that needs to be done, help those in need, and fix the problems as they come up. In doing this we will become stronger, and those who dont want to comply will be delt with in a proffesional maner. To do this you must start at the top, the old but true statment about it rolls down hill is exactly that if the people above you don't do there job properly you cant expect those below to follow threw. This is called THE CHAIN OF COMMAND it is my possision we start at the top fix the problems as we go down the list and in the end we will have a stronger more professional dept.