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RonMexico 3 years ago

“Iraq, despite UN sanctions, maintains an aggressive program to rebuild the infrastructure for its nuclear, chemical, biological, and missile programs. In each instance, Iraq's procurement agents are actively working to obtain both weapons-specific and dual-use materials and technologies critical to their rebuilding and expansion efforts, using front companies and whatever illicit means are at hand.” - John Bolton
Yes, let's listen with rapt attention to the man who was wrong on every single issue in the 00's, and was aggressive in including the "yellowcake" narrative in the run-up to the Iraq invasion. John Bolton is not only a liar, but a belligerent fool whose ideas helped kill or maim hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq.
Also, it's fascinating that he brings up the fact that we have not retaliated against the people responsible for Benghazi. The Bush Administration had a wealth of good will after the events of 9/11, and met with a large amount of support for their bombing of Afghanistan. But then, in their infinite wisdom, they lied about Iraq's involvement and completely obliterated the good standing of the United States.
So go ahead John Bolton, tell us who else we need to bomb. Unfortunately, you had your chance, and we are still paying the price for it, both monetarily and in human suffering. Luckily, we have a pretty good memory of what happens when people in power try to drum up fear in a populace to legitimize horrific actions.


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