RingosRule 5 years, 5 months ago on Holts Summit to seek bond for sewer

If memory serves me correctly, and the area is in the vacinity of the corner leading off into the trees on the right hand side, as entering the parking area of the civic center; that area was approved for placement of such items as land fill from construction sites, and debris, such as tires, and old refrigerators. Until there was enough to level it out and expand the Center parking space. Don't tell me Murray is walking her area of responsibility after so many years. The Civic Center does fall within Ward 1, which she represents.

That area was voted on several years ago, as the property was expanding; and it was determined that we could gain additional space for parking, if, in fact the trees were cut down, and the large "bowl" was filled with solids such as the above, rocks, and other solid waste.