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MamaB 3 years, 9 months ago on kimmijo123

I am a retired classroom teacher. I taught many years ago and then retired to raise my family. When I returned to the classroom I was SHOCKED at the decline in education. It isn't the fault of the teachers. Testing was always done. Most of my students were always in the top percentile in the nation on testing. There is a BIG difference in how it is done now and how it was done before the federal government got involved with the creation of the Dept. of Ed. Our schools have gone down, down, down, down in comparison to other nations since the creation of the Dept. of Ed. Schools need to be returned to the local communities. Yes, there are local school boards. That is not the same. If you hear people talking about the Dept. of Ed. should be closed, please do not think they are crazy. There are many reasons.....take the federal government out of the schools and you will see our schools regain their international rank at the top.


MamaB 3 years, 10 months ago on kimmijo123

Don't forget another reason for families selecting other forms of education for their children and that is the curriculum....content of text books, "No Child Left Behind", teaching to the standard tests. It all adds up to the dumbing down of America and people are beginning to realize their children are getting a poor education in public schools.


MamaB 4 years ago on Youngster attacked by dog in Fulton

Many towns have bans on certain breeds of dogs. True that any dog can bite but I never heard of a spaniel tearing the face off a child or grabbing another dog at the throat until dead. Certain breeds are be more dangerous than others. I had neighbors (for only a short time...THANKFULLY) who had pit bulls that they claimed were always in the house or on a line. Strange. Why were they in my yard in an attack stance? I could not let my children go out and play and feel safe. I would sit on the steps with a bat or big stick "just in case" they were not in the house or on a line and I would call the kids in if I saw the dogs.

I am glad the 'innocent dog' gets to go home. I wonder if the attacking dog is still on vacation and maybe in the county NEAR ME.


MamaB 4 years ago on Fulton school board candidates face teacher questions

I call it the "Dumbing Down of America". Don't blame the teachers. Blame the Dept. of Ed. that took education to a federal level instead of local schools and curriculum. Since the Dept. of Ed. was formed (I believe it was the mid 80's) the level of education in America has gone down......down......down........down. If someone says we need to do away with the Dept. of Ed. most people would say that is nuts. Worse than that, we now have a school czar over that. Do a google search for 'Obama school Czar'. Read the books he has written. What are his beliefs and influences on education? Does he reflect your beliefs in education? Study up on it and see what you think.

As for math...I plan to teach my child real math this summer. It is confusing him when I mix it with what they are doing at school. It is insane. Have you talked with anyone who works with a newly graduated engineer?