MOnativeinFL 4 years, 7 months ago on Six seek 3 positions on NB school board

I think that the very first comment was the best. LOL! Good luck, Mrs. Suttles!


MOnativeinFL 4 years, 8 months ago on Six seek 3 positions on NB school board

Mrs. Suttles,

If I were still a resident of New Bloomfield, MO, you would definitely have my vote! You were an excellent teacher and an inspiration to all of your students!

Best of luck to you!

Class of 1998


MOnativeinFL 5 years ago on Maylee moved to Boone County

Deputy Maylee is one of the most thoughtful and honest individual's I have ever had the pleasure of working with.


MOnativeinFL 5 years ago on New Bloomfield makes strides with discipline

Michelle: I think that increasing the athletic opportunities for student's is a great idea! For athletes in their adolescent years, ball can sometimes be the escape they need. I know that I would not have graduated from N.B. had it not been for my love of the game (softball). In order to play, you had to maintain your grades and stay out of trouble. In other words, there are many advantages to providing student's with more athletic opportunities - keeps them occupied, teaches important life-lessons (i.e., teamwork), and gives them more scholarship opportunities. Best of luck!


MOnativeinFL 5 years ago on Fulton council set to approve smoking ordinance

Ah, it's not all that bad, Rock. I'm a smoker and live in the FL Panhandle. We've had non-smoking establishments for years now, and to be honest with ya, aside from the typical karaoke bars/sports bars that still allow smoking in their establishments, it's kind of nice to leave for the night and not smell like an ashtray.


MOnativeinFL 5 years ago on Sterner ready for new challenge as judge

Enjoyed watching Mr. Sterner work his magic in the courtroom as P.A. years ago. Can't say I liked the outcome of S. E. Young's trial, but man, what a sight to see Mr. Sterner at work! Loved being in the courtroom!

Best of luck to ya, Judge!


MOnativeinFL 5 years ago on Sheriff warns against spoofing scam

There is also a cell phone app. that allows users to do this. The caller is able to dial someone's phone number, and not only does the caller I.D. show a different number, the caller can disguise their voice. The conversation only lasts seconds, but is still a pain.