JHarding 3 years, 6 months ago on CCSO to add patrols to Kingdom City Nov. 2

This is not silly. In fact this is no different than the part-time police departments in Auzvasse and New Bloomfield. When there is not a dedicated officer on duty in either Auxvasse or New Bloomfield, then the sheriff's office responds to all calls for service there, free of charge (except for normal taxes of course). Likewise, when there is no deputy DEDICATED to serving the people and businesses of Kingdom City, then the regular duty deputies of the sheriff's office will handle calls for service there. Again free of charge except for normal taxes.

Law enforcement officers throughout the country work various overtime projects, everything from high school football game to fairs, to oversize vehicle escorts, to full time contract cities, but when it is to serve the people and businesses of Kingdom City it's silly? I disagree whole heartily and I truly hope the residents and business people of Kingdom City disagree as well.

As for the sheriff's office not providing the assistance that you seek, please call me anytime after midnight and I will be happy to discuss your concerns.