Beenthere 3 years, 7 months ago on County Clerk decides to keep expanded precinct at Guthrie

  1. Improved accessibility for handicapped voters - it was proved to her that the Carrington Baptist church is handicapped accessible
  2. $2000 savings per election - I beleive this number is highly inflated, would like to see in print how she came up with it.
  3. Can not believe any voter in the Carrington precinct called to agree with her. The ones that called were probably someone not affected by the move.
  4. It has been stated in this paper and by many of the Carrington voters that Mrs. Hubbard has said they can come to the courthouse to vote absentee. We do not have early voting in Missouri. To absentee vote you have to have a reason. There are six available reason and "I don't want to drive to my precinct" is not one of them. Doesn't this constitute fraud on the part of Mrs. Hubbard. Something she made a point of saying at the meeting that she had gotten rid of.