Advocator 11 months, 1 week ago on Fulton High School hopes to increase graduation rate

It's good to see Fulton High School is making attempts to increase graduation rates by employing a variety of strategies. Some sound good and other don't. In 2006 the graduation rate was 81% and there was an attendance policy; students were required to turn in their work on time, and the tardies were made up on Saturday morning. Why have things changed so much in seven short years?
I have to agree with Dr Fessler's letter to the editor in the Fulton Sun May 9, 2013, where she wrote about teaching responsibility to students. One can't teach responsibility if it is taken away from the students. It's really more like stealing responsibility from the students. Being to work on time (early is better) and staying past the time show responsibility of a good employee. One's work must be at a certain level or he loses his job which will mean no more pay. What is the point of accepting late homework after a student has been tested over the material? Do they get to take late tests too? Responsibility is one thing students should be learning. That is the real world. It appears that if a student is going to be late, he is better off not even showing up because there is no attendance policy and he gets to make up work. It is stated in the article that "many teachers now accept late work", but , from what I understand all teachers are "encouraged" to accept late work. Does this mean the teacher can be six weeks late in grading the late homework, or does he have to be responsible and grade it when it's turned in?

It is also stated in the article that "We, as adults, get second chances and benefits, so we have to understand that students need those things too," is that true for the fifteen or so former employees who have been released from the Fulton Public Schools in the last several years. Did they get a second chance?


Advocator 11 months, 3 weeks ago on Fulton schools simplify teacher salary schedule

You are correct about me being an upset person. I am upset about people being fired, programs shutdown (Alternative School), low graduation rates, low test scores, etc. One thing, for sure, I back the teachers 100%. I am upset the way they are treated by this administration. What is wrong with schools is overpaid, incompetent, vindictive administrators.

You said "If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem." I think you meant to say If I am not part of your solution, then I am a problem. I would like to ask ; what is the problem and what is the solution for that set of problems?

You are correct again being a teacher is a difficult job. A job that is made more difficult when there is poor leadership. The Administrators, who are suppose to be the educational leaders of the schools, are responsible to create an environment that is conducive to learning. This is not done through threats and intimidation that bring with it paranoia from the fear of being fired if one speaks out or doesn't agree.

Mr. Rose, in his April 24, 2013 letter to the Editor, I believe was correct about his comments concerning the superintendent of schools. I see he used the words, intimidate....terrible communicator, but of course, this is just our opinions.

I thank you for telling me the location of the high school, but be aware if you go out there is a school out of control in my opinion!


Advocator 11 months, 4 weeks ago on Fulton schools simplify teacher salary schedule

How about an update on the Intervention Program at the high school? How is it working out?


Advocator 1 year ago on Fulton schools simplify teacher salary schedule

Does this mean the superintendent gets five times the base salary of the teachers? They get a one year contract and he gets a three contract. Why do superintendents get three year contracts? if you had a bad one you would have to pay him a half million dollars to get rid of him. Sure, I know they have to make "big decisions" like firing people. None of them are worth five times the base salary of the teachers. And people wonder what is wrong with the schools in this country. It's not the teachers!


Advocator 1 year, 1 month ago on Fulton School Board candidates share concerns

Interesting, three open seats and only three candidates. Either the people of the district think the board is doing a wonderful job or they believe being on the board wouldn't matter. Dr. Hunter sounds like he has some good ideas, but I'm afraid he will find he is by himself. The board seems to follow what the superintendent wants. It really doesn't seem to matter if it is academic changes, forcing long time employees out, or budget considerations. The board's decision-making process will not be open to the public, because I believe that is the way the present board wants it. No information from the board equals no questions from the people who pay taxes to support the schools. Wonder why enrollment is going down? That would be interesting to show how the enrollment has changed over the last thirty years. Did closing the alternative school have an effect on enrollment? I'm really surprised this board didn't require the students to be in extra-curricular activities before they would be considered for any type of academic honor. Good luck Dr. Hunter.


Advocator 1 year, 3 months ago on Fulton school board focuses on tutoring, safety

Firing an employee that reports a student that may have a gun to the resource officer because administrators are engaged in other things or are not availble is NOT one of the things you should be doing!!!! Common sense should dictate that. Perhaps input from parents/patrons would give some insights. One things for sure, when it concerns student safety, all options should be on the table.


Advocator 1 year, 3 months ago on Local officials weigh in on school safety, resource officers in wake of tragedy

The safety of our students is the highest of priorities. I hope the Fulton Public Schools has a policy in place that would allow an employee to report the possibility of a student who may have a firearm to the administrator in each building. If the administrator is not available for the employee to report the student to, then the most likely person to report it to is the resource officer. Time may be of the essence. Is that not what he is there for? Is there a written policy that all employees have been informed of?


Advocator 1 year, 4 months ago on School board discusses use of leftover bond money

Looking back at a June 14,2012 article in the Fulton Sun the following was a quote from the superintendent of schools. Cowherd said, “We are not spending money on anything that isn’t absolutely necessary." Does this mean the scoreboard is "absolutely necessary"? In the same article he also said, “The original list of (bond) projects will be done at the end of this summer, so I believe we’ll have just over $1 million left that are unallocated funds.” The December 13,2012 article that stated that Cowherd estimated there is close $550,000 of left over bond funds. This means that over $450,000 was spent on THINGS that were "absolutely necessary" since school started? As taxpayers I believe that we are owed an accountabilty on what the school district spent $450,000 on since school has started. The $22,212 for the scoreboard is less than 5% of the unaccounted for $450,000 spent since school started.