4dogmomma 5 years, 1 month ago on Loose dogs threaten mail delivery

This is where the media hype has played to the negative down fall of this breed. Those who claim that pit bulls are “different” fail to understand that all dog breeds are, in some way, different from each other. That’s what makes them dog breeds! (Besides, many breeds were historically bred to fight other animals. Pit bulls are not unique in this sense.) To put it simply, no matter what kind of dog you have, understanding its breed is the first step toward being a good dog owner. For example, Greyhounds and Whippets were (and still are) bred for “coursing,” chasing and killing small prey like rabbits and squirrels, which miss handle can equal cats and small dogs. But like pit bulls, these dogs still make excellent family pets, when responsible owners own them. By nature, pit bulls are intelligent, fun loving, and affectionate. It’s our job to help them fulfill that potential by being a responsible owner.

Dog/animal aggression is NOT the same thing as People aggression, one does not equal the other, it NEVER has been, that needs to be understood, and unless you take the time to learn about the breed, its easy to believe all the media headlines.

As for the insurance companies - that is also a misinformation. Yes, there are some that choose to not insurance people with large breed dogs. The insurance companies also charge more for teenage drivers saying all teenagers drive badly - is that a true statement? I think not, I have two teenagers and they are wonderful drivers - but we pay high insurance because they are all "lump" together. Just as with dog bites, a handful of bad owners have out ruled people using common sense. Many companies have learn its an "individual" owner/dog thing, most agents are allowed to make their own "local" rules, so if your local agent isn't asking the right questions, call the main company, and skip the local agents of you need too. Each agent should be asking - has your dog bit a person, is your dog on a chain, or keep unsupervised in a pen all day, your agent should meet your dogs, should verify how they are keep safely, then make their decision? That is how you decide risk, not by looks or breed.

None of this changes the fact that we have an issue of many irresponsible dog owners that choose to let their dogs run loose, and as the city moves forward we should all be doing our part to educate ourselves, family, friends and neighbors to the importance of keeping your dogs in control, in your yard safely and humanely contained, so that we may all enjoy walking around our city. I'd like to see Fulton punish the owners (not the dogs) who think they are above the laws, and leave the responsible owners alone.


4dogmomma 5 years, 1 month ago on Loose dogs threaten mail delivery

I don't think AC has enough resources. There needs to be more defined laws that hold all the irresponsible owners at fault, not punish the owners that will/do follow the laws. Perhaps the Fulton Sun will do some research and provide a balanced story on what other local communities are doing - Fayette is not local, and they only but a band-aid on their issues, time will prove that, as it has for other community's who are now reversing their bans. Mexico and Columbia have great laws and enforce them. Does that mean its perfect over there and no dogs do wrong - no, but nothing is perfect, we are human!! I'm so tired of the misinformation and media scare tactics when it comes to some breeds. Well rounded reporting doesn't seem to have a place when someone hears the word pit bull.

I think the mail carriers have been dealing with dogs since the creation of postal mail delivery, what did they do 6 months ago to deliver mail? They have the right to not deliver mail at a home if they do not feel safe at it - WHY are they not enacting that right every time not just when there is a headline? If a person can not get their mail, they are going to have to do something about their dog - that doesn't seem to be that hard of a solution to me???

While I'm at it, chaining/tethering should also be outlawed in the city limits unless the owner is standing there supervising their dog (not a kid supervising but the ADULT)! If that were the case, that kid would not have been able to get to an injured dog left unattended on a tether to get bitten! There are streets in this town, I don't walk on, because tethered/chained dogs are left to close to the side walks and I don't want to get in their space. Simple research will show chaining/tethering an intact animal is number one in bite reports.

I'd also like to see the city implement an animal license program to help 1. increase revenue to support AC in doing their job and 2. have a real registry of the dogs in town, so that when there is a dog at large, there is a clear record of where and who owns the dog. A fee as simple as 5.00 a year per dog that is spay/neuter is not asking to much - increase the fee to 25.00 per dog for unaltered dogs. This also makes sure our community animals are getting their required Rabies. To me that is keeping the citizens safe in the community!!

I'm confident the council members and AC will be able to come up with sound, workable solutions if we all work together! If your neighbor has a loose dog (no matter the breed or size), go talk to them, and ask that they please use a leash - if it doesn't work start calling AC and/or the police and don't stop calling until its resolved - we citizens have to take responsibly doing nothing besides complaining - its not someone elses problem, its everyone's problem! We all need to be part of the solution!