Fulton Sun Opinion


Our Opinion: Adrian's Island tunnel plan sidetracked

You may want to postpone packing the basket for a picnic on Adrian’s Island.

OUR OPINION: Lawmakers on pace at session’s midpoint

With lawmakers returning today from spring break, perhaps a recalcitrant spring will return as well.

Our Opinion: Responsible pet owners contribute to community

Spring temperatures invite us outdoors — to walk, ride bicycles and work in our yards. Those activities also bring encounters with unfamiliar dogs.

Our Opinion: Spring often heralds onset of severe storms

As much as we would prefer to revel in blissful 70-degree temperatures, we all are acutely aware spring in Missouri is synonymous with severe storms.

Our Opinion: CBO injects reality into rosy budget scenario

Budgets projections, by definition, are inexact, which is why budget craftsmen must be objective and realistic. When President Barack Obama unveiled his proposed budget earlier this year, we criticized him for failed leadership in addressing the burgeoning federal debt.

Our Opinion: Set deadline on surtax muddle

The time has come to call the question on the surtax muddle. Calling the question is a parliamentary procedure that seeks to end discussion and debate, followed by a decision.

Our Opinion: Evaluate before drawing cold remedies into meth battle

Sufferers of the common cold should not be drawn into the crossfire in the battle against meth.

Our Opinion: Budgeting process meets law of diminishing returns

If there is truth in the adage that one must spend money to make money, the ensuing question is: How much?

Our Opinion: Are taxpayer liable for elk?

Are taxpayers liable for damages caused by a species reintroduced by the state?

Our Opinion: Education bill’s mixed bag needs examination

Teaching should be treated much like any other profession. Consequently, the job security provided by academic tenure should be eliminated.

Our Opinion: Don't be fooled: Scams come in new guises

Consider how much more inventive and productive our society would be if the people who create and carry out scams turned their talents to honest endeavors.

Our Opinion: Patriots honored for supporting National Guard and Reserve

We always are delighted when the Missouri National Guard presents a Patriot Award to a Mid-Missouri employer.

Our Opinion: Outlook for incremental growth

Recent indicators predict incremental growth in Central Missouri.

Our Opinion: State continues to lead nation in meth lab seizures

Missouri retains what the state Highway Patrol characterizes as the “unfortunate distinction” of leading the nation in seizures of methamphetamine laboratories.

Our Opinion: Electronic shackles help rein in costs

Missouri lawmakers proposing increased use of electronic shackling are accepting the challenge to be smarter in dealing with crime.