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Our Opinion: Education bill's mixed bag needs examination

Published Mar. 7 2011

Teaching should be treated much like any other profession. Consequently, the job security provided by...

Our Opinion: Don't be fooled: Scams come in new guises

Published Mar. 3 2011

Consider how much more inventive and productive our society would be if the people who create and carry out scams...

Our Opinion: Patriots honored for supporting National Guard and Reserve

Published Mar. 2 2011

We always are delighted when the Missouri National Guard presents a Patriot Award to a Mid-Missouri employer.

Our Opinion: Outlook for incremental growth

Published Mar. 1 2011

Recent indicators predict incremental growth in Central Missouri.

Our Opinion: State continues to lead nation in meth lab seizures

Published Feb. 28 2011

Missouri retains what the state Highway Patrol characterizes as the "unfortunate distinction" of leading the nation in seizures of...

Our Opinion: Electronic shackles help rein in costs

Published Feb. 27 2011

Missouri lawmakers proposing increased use of electronic shackling are accepting the challenge to be smarter in...

Our Opinion: Politics featured prominently in photo IDs for voters

Published Feb. 23 2011

Picture a scenario where political considerations do not distort debate on requiring voters to show photo identification. That scenario does not...

Our Opinion: Retain driver's tests in foreign languages

Published Feb. 22 2011

Legislation advanced by a House panel would end Missouri's decades-long process of offering driver's license tests in foreign languages. The immediate...

Our Opinion: A potentially dangerous convention

Published Feb. 21 2011

A proposal by a state lawmaker to call a constitutional convention allowing states to repeal federal...

Our Opinion: Prohibit smoking in prisons

Published Feb. 20 2011

Extending the smoke-free initiative to Missouri's prisons is long overdue. Not only are the prisons publicly funded...

Our Opinion: The initiative dilemma

Published Feb. 10 2011

A lawmaker has initiated a proposal to ask voters to change the initiative process.

Our Opinion: Heed subtle warning signs from the heart

Published Feb. 9 2011

Last week - on the second day of American Heart Month - I shoveled snow.

OUR OPINION: Shift ban on texting into high gear

Published Feb. 8 2011

Last week's blizzard curbed state Senate action on a bill to expand the prohibition on texting...

Our Opinion: Do expanded subpoena powers breach separation?

Published Feb. 4 2011

Does a proposed expansion of legislative subpoena powers breach the traditional separation of powers?

Our Opinion: Community spirit emerges amid blizzard conditions

Published Feb. 3 2011

Snowmageddon, snownami, snowpocalypse, SnoMG.

OUR OPINION: Embrace smoking ban as a change for the better

Published Jan. 31 2011

A change in Jefferson City effective today will be deemed significant by some residents and will...

Our Opinion: Awash in horrifying side effects

Published Jan. 26 2011

Side effects may include hallucinations, paranoia, rapid heart rates, self-mutilation, suicidal thoughts and death by poisoning. Sound appealing?

OUR OPINION: Detailed accounting of state job cuts needed

Published Jan. 23 2011

Not again. In his State of the State address Wednesday, Gov. Jay Nixon announced an additional, unspecified 800 job cuts...

Our Opinion: Volunteers advocate for children

Published Jan. 21 2011

Who speaks for the children? In the case of children navigating the labyrinth of the judiciary, 11 adult advocates recently were...

Our Opinion: Ground governor's flight policy

Published Jan. 20 2011

We urge lawmakers to pursue efforts to bring Gov. Jay Nixon's flight plans down to Earth.

Our Opinion: Lawmakers burn public with exemption

Published Jan. 19 2011

Smoking remains on the list of rules that apply to almost everyone except elected lawmakers.

OUR OPINION: Restrictions on meth create illicit industry

Published Jan. 18 2011

Efforts to choke the supply of a meth ingredient have created a new criminal cottage industry.

Our Opinion: Follow sensible procedures for dome access

Published Jan. 14 2011

We urge lawmakers who recently received keys accessing the upper reaches of the Capitol dome to adhere to recommended policies...