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Surgical raid eliminates mastermind of terror

Although we share a sense of relief that terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden has been killed, we are not inclined to cheer or chant. Bin Laden’s death during a surgical raid Sunday by elite U.S. Navy Seals marks a successful step — indeed, a vital step — in the ongoing war against terrorism.

Our Opinion: Respect and prepare for natural phenomena

Missouri’s celebration of Earth Day today offers an ideal opportunity to emphasize respect for natural phenomena.

Our Opinion: Be aware, open-minded about autism

Autism spectrum disorders, as its name implies, is multi-faceted.

Our Opinion: Senators move to modernize domestic violence laws

Missouri senators deserve to be commended for unanimous passage of a practical, updated domestic violence law.

Our Opinion: Striving for a practical compromise on Prop. B

If the energy, letters and money spent on Proposition B is any indication, animal welfare issues obviously spark passion and emotion.

Our Opinion: Let conversation on nuclear plant continue

A procedural move blocking legislation on financing a new nuclear plant is indicative of a larger problem — opposing factions remain too far apart. And the disparity over financing may indicate a larger disagreement on the future of nuclear power.

Our Opinion: Dual emphasis will challenge new leaders

New representation can bring fresh ideas and approaches to existing issues and initiatives.

Our Opinion: Derailed by the lure of federal dollars

The temptation to chase tax dollars with tax dollars provides a quintessential example of why government is going broke.

Our Opinion: Burdensom issues raised by Fair Tax

Although the theory of a Fair Tax is appealing, the practical application raises concerns.

Our Opinion: Test your local knowledge of the Civil War

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War. Jefferson City’s role in the war is outlined in the Civil War Passport.

Our Opinion: Missouri posts advance in e-government

Access e-government via the state’s website and, ironically enough, up pops the latest about e-government.

Our Opinion: Imagine the possibilities; explore the opportunities

For the young child, the world presents a dazzling array of possibilities and opportunities.

Our Opinion: Every tax dollar also counts

“Every Dollar Counts” served as a campaign slogan for Republican Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder.

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Our Opinion: Exercise your voice – vote

News Tribune editorial

Twelve percent may be a great interest rate, but it’s a pitiful voter turnout. Cole County Clerk Marvin Register, the county’s chief election authority, predicts a meager 12 percent of voters will cast ballots in Tuesday’s election.

Our Opinion: Don’t trash progress – vote ‘no’ on Proposition A

Jefferson City’s trash and recycling contract is reasonably priced, practical and progressive. Proposition A on Tuesday’s ballot would not be a change for the better and we urge residents to vote “no.”