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Our Opinion: An extraordinary and pitiful possibility

Published Sep. 21 2011

The potential exists for Missouri's special legislative session to become an extraordinary waste of lawmakers' time and taxpayers' money.

Our Opinion: Unfinished business dominates no-so-special session

Published Aug. 24 2011

The agenda for Missouri's not-so-special legislative session is expanding.

Our Opinion: Cognitive computing - "What now?'

Published Aug. 21 2011

Welcome to the brave, new reality of "cognitive computing," a technological trend to develop a computer that behaves...

Our Opinion: Joplin's lessons of strength

Published Aug. 18 2011

Joplin High School students resumed classes Wednesday, but they didn't return to the building they attended last year. It's gone.

Our Opinion: New school year will trigger mixed emotions

Published Aug. 15 2011

Mixed emotions are synonymous with the first day of a new school year. For students, the anticipation...

Our Opinion: Politicians capitalize on frustration they created

Published Aug. 10 2011

Politics reign while people suffer.

Our Opinion: 'Magic' act or 'clown show' in Washington

Published Aug. 4 2011

Any euphoria - or at least satisfaction - about averting default has been short-lived.

Our Opinion: Smartphones calling forth addictive behavior

Published Jul. 28 2011

Will the future bring a 12-step program of recovery for smartphone addicts? Psychologists across the country are...

Our Opinion: Dangerous side of water sports resurfaces

Published Jul. 27 2011

Three news stories published Monday offered a grim reminder of the dangerous aspect of water sports.

Opinion: School board not opposed to use of drug dogs

Published Jul. 25 2011

We here at The Fulton Sun often receive phone calls, e-mails and letters from Callaway County residents wanting us to...

Our Opinion: Water Patrol plans sobering emphasis at the lake

Published Jun. 4 2011

Sobriety checkpoints for boaters at the Lake of the Ozarks this month are a timely reminder of the dangers of...

Our Opinion: Activities offer summer fun for youngsters

Published Jun. 3 2011

"There's nothing to do" no longer is a valid complaint from children during summer months.

Our Opinion: Build upon foundation of benevolence

Published Jun. 2 2011

The effort to assist tornado-ravaged Joplin has been commendable on every level - from individuals and communities, from organizations and...

Our Opinion: Help carry the message on Memorial Day

Published May. 30 2011

We must do a better job communicating to young people the importance of honoring our nation...

Our Opinion: Patience helps direct, extend disaster aid

Published May. 27 2011

In response to tragedy, patience can be difficult.

Our Opinion: The dark side of extreme couponing

Published May. 23 2011

As we pointed out in a May 15 story, couponing is on the rise thanks to a weak economy and...

Our Opinion: Nixon should reject bill

Published May. 17 2011

Although it contains some good ideas, Gov. Jay Nixon should veto an elections bill lawmakers sent his way last...

Our Opinion: Studying state pay is fine, but test is doing something

Published May. 14 2011

Studying state pay invites a dilemma.

Our Opinion: Lawmakers put up roadblocks to human trafficking

Published May. 12 2011

If the question was asked, it has been answered.

Our Opinion: Salvation Army raises shield of protection

Published May. 9 2011

Throughout history, a shield has served as protection. Throughout its history, which traces...

Our Opinion: "You drink, you drive, you lose' - a lot

Published May. 8 2011

Mixing high school celebrations with underage drinking is hardly a new phenomenon. But it remains a lethal combination.

Our Opinion: MoDOT plan sends shock waves through Missouri

Published May. 6 2011

Knowing a storm is coming doesn't always prepare you for its magnitude.

Surgical raid eliminates mastermind of terror

Published May. 3 2011

Although we share a sense of relief that terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden has been killed, we are not inclined...