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Countless career opportunities are available for deaf students, adults

I believe that only a very small percent of deaf people currently possess doctorate degrees.

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Doctors to parents: ‘I’m sorry; your baby is deaf’

A doctor usually makes the first comments to parents about the condition of their newborn baby’s condition.

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Part 2: Blind, deaf and normal babies are all different

Baby A represents a normal baby, while Baby B depicts a blind baby. Baby C is a deaf baby.

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Comparing babies: normal, blind and deaf are all different

I think the next two articles, part one and two, will help you understand better the way deaf people that are born deaf experience the “beginning of the life.”

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For non-deaf professionals only: If you think you are like her, please raise your hand?

Part 2 continues our discussion about interpreting.

Our Opinion: Generosity abounds in Share the Harvest

News Tribune editorial

Generosity comes in many forms.

Our Opinion: Proposed tax hike returns, but diversion continues

A tax increase has been proposed, in part to fill a void created because the state continually diverts money intended for that purpose.

Our Opinion: Common sense preferable to complications

An analysis of the response to Joplin’s tornado warning reads like a variation of Aesop’s Fable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

Our Opinion: An extraordinary and pitiful possibility

The potential exists for Missouri’s special legislative session to become an extraordinary waste of lawmakers’ time and taxpayers’ money.

Our Opinion: Unfinished business dominates no-so-special session

The agenda for Missouri’s not-so-special legislative session is expanding.

Our Opinion: Cognitive computing – ‘What now?’

Welcome to the brave, new reality of “cognitive computing,” a technological trend to develop a computer that behaves like a human brain.

Our Opinion: Joplin's lessons of strength

Joplin High School students resumed classes Wednesday, but they didn’t return to the building they attended last year. It’s gone.

Our Opinion: New school year will trigger mixed emotions

Mixed emotions are synonymous with the first day of a new school year. For students, the anticipation of reconnecting with friends is mixed with trepidation about impending course work and tests.

Our Opinion: Politicians capitalize on frustration they created

Politics reign while people suffer.

Our Opinion: 'Magic' act or 'clown show' in Washington

Any euphoria — or at least satisfaction — about averting default has been short-lived.