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OUR OPINION: Transparency needed in contaminated power plant water issue

We don’t anticipate three-eyed fish in Stinson Creek or glasses of water in our homes that can double as nightlights. But we do have some concerns and could put our minds at ease with a bit more transparency.

OUR OPINION: Look before you leap and think before you ink

We all know the adage: “Look before you leap.” Fulton and Callaway County residents should take heed.

OUR OPINION: Don’t let ‘cry wolf’ syndrome bite you later

We live in tornado alley, but sometimes it can feel like we’re on the side street next to the alley. The sirens sound, the TV meteorologists tell us to take cover, then nothing happens.

Westminster SGA, administration can ‘Save The Columns,’ newspaper culture

Call us biased, but we think some things on the chopping block at Westminster College should be reconsidered. Two of those are The Columns — the student-run campus newspaper— and the readership program which provides free editions of newspapers for students to read. The Sun first reported on these potential budget cuts earlier this year (see “Westminster SGA begins process of balancing next year’s budget” on Page 1 of the Jan. 5 edition).

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My last article

The title “My last article” does not mean I am finished writing.

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Is it Right for a non-deaf professional to criticize the way a native deaf ASL user signs?

You might not realize it, but for more than a century, many non-deaf professionals have had a goal to banish or at least control the use of ASL.

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Which to hire, a non-deaf or deaf professional?

From 1880 until about 1980, it was rare for a qualified deaf professional to get a professional job serving deaf people.

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Is American Sign Language (ASL) a legitimate language?

Yes, it is as legitimate as any written and spoken language.

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Achieving grade-level academic skills

Typically, educators and parents expect hearing students to achieve grade level academic knowledge and skills.

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No man is an island

Most non-deaf professionals do not believe that there is a deaf world that is distinct from the hearing world.

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Deaf and non-deaf professionals: whose culture is it?

What happens when there are a much larger number of professionals from the majority cultural/language group than from the minority group serving minority group members?

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Rely on litigation and not the kindness of strangers

Did you read about the university “Women’s Studies” Department that does not use any textbooks written by women and that has no women involved in running the program or teaching the courses?

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Since 1880, They Took the Authority, Opportunity, & Advantage Away From Us, the Deaf People.

In each of my three previous articles, I explained the importance of one of the three terms, “authority, opportunity, and advantage.”

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By whose opportunity

Dictionaries define the term “opportunity” as “a chance, especially one that offers some kind of advantage and/or a combination of favorable circumstances or situations.” I said the same thing in my previous article about, “authority.”

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By whose authority

Dictionaries define the term, authority, as: power, right, influence, clout and importantly, who should “say-so” and have the “last word”?