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Fulton man wades into flash flood to save fawn

Fulton man wades into flash flood to save fawn

May 28th, 2013 in News

Michael Westerfield holds the fawn he rescued on his porch Monday. Westerfield found the fawn close to chest-deep in a flash flood near the creek in his Evergreen Drive backyard.

Monday's storm only brought a few inches of flash flooding in most areas - not enough to pose any serious danger to the average human.

But it could spell disaster for a creature such as a baby deer, and that was just what Michael Westerfield found when he and his wife, Sharon, went to investigate the swollen creek in their Evergreen Drive backyard.

Westerfield found a fawn stranded in the middle of their neighbor's yard around 2 p.m., up to about its knees in the water.

"We were just out looking at the water, and he was in the middle of the flood," he said. "It was maybe about a foot and a half up, up to its chest. I waded out there, got it and wrapped it up, because it was shaking."