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Linda Davis -Letter of Appreciation

Linda Davis -Letter of Appreciation

March 28th, 2012 by Mrs. Linda Davis, Retired Fulton Schools teacher in News

Mrs. Linda Davis

I use my camera all of the time. It has been handy to keep it on the kitchen counter where I can reach for it, or recharge the battery at any given time. One day a few weeks ago, I went to get it and it was gone. I looked everywhere, and asked my husband to help me. We were convinced that the camera was not in the house. (Boy, were we right.) I had used it at a local store that was giving freebies to people's dogs, so thought I may have left it there. No, they didn't have it. I looked in our vehicles to no avail. Finally, one night, I saw our cat playing with stuff on the kitchen counter. She liked watching things fall to the floor. I remembered she especially liked playing with the strap to my camera case. Then it hit me! You don't suppose she knocked my camera into the recycle bag kept by the counter? Well, I took a chance and went to Kingdom Projects with my camera box, and to my surprise, they did have my camera. They said it just came rolling down the conveyor belt, and an employee picked it up and turned it in to the main office. What I want to say to everyone, everywhere, good people are still out there, and I am so blessed that the employee was honest and turned the camera in to administration. I went today, to thank the employee, personally. His name is Gary Wright. I am so grateful to him for his honesty and integrity. Thanks, Gary, you are my HERO!

-Mrs. Linda Davis,

Retired Fulton Schools teacher