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FMS students send hundreds of snowflakes to Sandy Hook

FMS students send hundreds of snowflakes to Sandy Hook

Part of national drive to make "happy environment" for students following tragedy

December 26th, 2012 in News
Some of the more than 200 paper snowflakes that Fulton Middle School students made to send to Sandy Hook Elementary School sit in a sack in Elizabeth Dunlap's 7th grade social studies class. In response to the school shooting there, schools across the country are sending paper snowflakes ot the school to try and foster a cheerful, happy environment for students to return to after Christmas.

Thanks to one teacher's coordination, Fulton Middle School students will be sending at least 200 paper snowflakes to welcome students back from break to the new Sandy Hook Elementary School building in Newtown, Conn.

7th grade social studies teacher Elizabeth Dunlap learned of the effort being organized to make the new school building a "cheerful, happy" environment for students returning to school for the first time after the school shooting there Dec. 14.

"I saw a posting (on Facebook) from a friend of mine who lives in North Carolina and is also a teacher, and saw this thing asking "please let us make the new school for Sandy Hooks cheerful and happy.'"

Dunlap said as she had her 120 students at the school participate in making paper snowflakes to send to the school, but as word spread she had many more 6th, 7th and 8th graders stop by and hand her flakes, right up to the final bell before school was dismissed for winter vacation. She estimated that there were anywhere from 200 to 500 snowflakes from Fulton Middle School heading to Newtown.