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SoCal teaches life skill in bowling

SoCal teaches life skill in bowling

January 25th, 2011 in News

Stephanie Backus/FULTON SUN photo: South Callaway High School student Kelsey Hickman, 17. sends her ball down the lane at Fulton Bowling Center last Wednesday. The high school P.E. class took a field trip to the center to practice their bowling skills.

On Wednesday, a group of high school students from South Callaway descended upon Fulton - to bowl.

The students were knocking down pins at the Fulton Bowling Center. The unit was part of the school's physical education and lifetime sports classes.

"The kids are always excited to come here," physical education teacher Mary Branun said. "After we bowl in the gym with the plastic bowling materials, they like to come here and bowl with a weighted ball and have the foul line and buzzer."

Students said they learned bowling techniques and scoring over the last two weeks, and even though some had not mastered the sport, they were excited about the trip.

"I didn't even break 100, but I am happy to be here," said 16-year-old student Emma Clardy. "I am having fun because my friends and I like to make fun of each other when we're bowling. We like that."

Clardy scored a 61 in her bowling game with her classmates. Others scored in the 70s and two broke 100 on the scorecard.

The skill is something Branun thinks is important for the students.

"I think any time you can teach the students some kind of skill they can use outside of the classroom or school setting, you're enabling them to do something else," she said. "They can recreate and enjoy a skill for a lifetime."

Branun said the availability of the Fulton Bowling Center was an advantage for the students.

"I think any community that offers things that kids can do outside of a school setting, gives them an option," she said. "The option means they're not standing on the corner smoking, drinking, doing drugs or hanging out. It gives them places to go and now that they know this skill, and have a bowling alley like this that has cosmic bowling at night - it's just something else they can do."