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Fulton grad sketches way into designing clothing line

Fulton grad sketches way into designing clothing line

April 7th, 2011 by By Ally Crutcher in News
Myles Branch

Starting with simple designs, Fulton native Myles Branch created his very own clothing line that is now being sold in some California stores.

The 22-year-old film studies senior at University of Missouri-Columbia started up his a clothing line called Unscripted a few years back. Unscripted first began with the mere pleasure of designing and drawing during free time. Branch and two friends brainstormed for several months about what they could do with the sketches and how to put the artwork to use. Branch came to the idea of creating and launching his own line after meeting one of the owners of the BCBG clothing line. The part owner gave Branch and his partners advice for their upcoming business venture. Soon after, they purchased a press, screens, burner and dryer and began making T-shirts in their garage.

The inspiration and reason behind the clothing is to raise awareness for pressing issues faced by society. The first shirt was designed to raise awareness about human trafficking and initially 5 percent of the proceeds went to charity. Branch said "blood diamonds" are also used in designs to represent the "invisible people," inspiring those who come from nothing to pave their own way to success. The logo of Unscripted clothing is meant to educate and motivate people to possess self-confidence and enable their own prosperity.

Branch started on a trial-and-error basis using American Apparel clothing and printed the clothes himself.

"This was the most exciting part of the whole process, even though I would ruin one out of five shirts," Branch said.

Branch was in California at the time he started up Unscripted, which is where he spent summers visiting his father. The clothing brand first became popular at a high school there. Students found out about the up-and-coming line and expressed interest in the theme and products. Students started wearing Branch's T-shirts to school to advertise the brand, and soon after, the clothing line had a following. To further help advertise the line, Branch and his partners found companies to sponsor their work, including Surf Rite. The Unscripted name and logo would appear on surfboards and skateboards, helping to make the business become a reality.

In 2006, the year Branch graduated from Fulton High School, the line started selling men and women's clothing, everything from hats and flannels to scarves.

"Things were so chaotic at the start of everything," Branch explained.

After realizing that most stores in California tend to focus on just one gender, he strategically decided to hone in on men's clothing.

The Unscripted clothing line has increased in popularity, now being sold in 15 stores including 10 in San Francisco and two in New York.

"Myles is one of the coolest people I know, everything he takes part in is so interesting," said Maggie Everson, one of Branch's close friends.

Future plans of the line are to continue expanding in design, and to hopefully be seen in Missouri stores, bringing his creation closer to home.