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Fulton mom delivers surprise Christmas baby

Fulton mom delivers surprise Christmas baby

December 28th, 2010 in News

Mandi Steele/FULTON SUN photo: Natasha Weigel and Paul Bruner became the parents of a son, Nathaniel Bruner, on Christmas Day. It was a shock to both, as Weigel didn't know she was pregnant until she arrived in the emergency room.

Natasha Weigel had the Christmas surprise of her life this year - a baby.

The 24-year-old Fulton woman carried her son to full-term without realizing she was pregnant and delivered him on Christmas Day.

"God blessed us with the best Christmas present anybody could ask for," said Teresa Potts, Weigel's mother.

Weigel, her boyfriend, Paul Bruner, and their three children were staying at Potts' house for the holiday. Weigel said they go to her mother's house in Williamsburg every year for Christmas. Just after midnight on Christmas, Weigel said she was putting together some toys for her sons, so they would awake to find them under the tree in the morning, when she started to have a lot of pain in her abdomen.

"I couldn't walk, and I felt like I was having contractions," Weigel said.

At around 4 a.m., she woke Potts to tell her that the pain was getting worse.

Potts said her daughter told her she may have pulled a groin muscle and told her, "Mom, I just don't know what's wrong with me."

"You need to go to the hospital," Potts told her.

Weigel's brother drove her to Callaway Community Hospital. Weigel said she wanted Bruner to stay with the children, so he would be with them when they awoke Christmas morning. Weigel said she still wasn't sure what was wrong with her, but her stomach felt rigid, and she thought she was having cramps.

Weigel said when she got to the emergency room, a nurse examined her and said, "Natasha, you're gonna have a baby."

Completely taken by surprise, she called her mother to tell her the news.

Potts said Weigel phoned her to say, "They figured out what's wrong with me," and proceeded to tell her that she was having a baby.

"What?!" Potts responded with. "I was really happy though. What better Christmas present could a grandma ask for?"

"I thought they were joking," Bruner said about when Potts woke him up to tell him the news.

He said he was speechless at first, and then was scared for his girlfriend and the baby.

"I was hoping the baby would be healthy, and she would be okay," Bruner said.

Nathaniel Ralph Bruner was born at 1:28 p.m. Christmas Day and weighed 6.15 pounds. Weigel said the doctors decided to keep her at the hospital two extra days just to make sure everything was fine with her and the baby, since she'd had no prenatal care. She said, so far, all the tests have come back normal.

There is a television show on TLC called, "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant." Weigel said before she had mocked the concept of women not knowing.

"How do you not know you're gonna have a baby?" she said. Now she thinks differently about it.

She said that she could feel all three of her other children moving while she was pregnant with them.

"I didn't feel him move, not one time."

Weigel said that looking back at the past nine months, some little oddities make sense now, like how tired she had been and how her feet had been swollen. Potts said Weigel's weight gain and lack of a monthly cycle her daughter attributed to the contraceptive shot she was receiving.

"I guess you just never know," Weigel said. "Christmas will never be the same. That's for sure," Weigel said.

Potts said Weigel donated all her old baby clothes and accessories to others, so if anyone would like to donate to the family, they can do so through Steffany Boster's website: becauseeverymothermatters.com.