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Christmas comes early for Fulton Broncos fan

Christmas comes early for Fulton Broncos fan

December 21st, 2010 in News

Don Norfleet/FULTON SUN photo: Ken Petterson with his son Aiden and Macgruber, his pet Bassett hound. Petterson Saturday morning mounted a new Boise State Broncos flag near his front door after the flag and an apology note appeared on his doorstep earlier in the day. Another smaller Boise State flag mounted on his house was stolen about two weeks ago.

Christmas came early Saturday morning for the Petterson family in Fulton.

Ken Petterson's wife, Jennifer, mentioned to him early in the morning that someone had left an unknown package at the front door.

When he opened it, Petterson says he was touched by the eventual outcome of an earlier disappointment.

About four months ago, Petterson began to fly a Boise State Broncos football flag at his front door.

Petterson and his wife grew up in Boise, Idaho. They moved to Fulton about five years ago. Petterson is a big Broncos fan, even though he graduated from college at the University of Montana.

About two weeks ago, Petterson noticed that someone had torn down his beloved Broncos flag and in the process had ripped the flag and broken the flag holder, causing it to droop downward.

"I left the bent flag holder rod up for the last two weeks," Petterson says. "My theory is that the father of a young man who tore down the flag may have noticed the ripped flag in his home, observed that the one I had been flying was missing, saw my bent flag holder - and added it all up.

"I think he may have approached his son and asked him to make it right. They must have ordered the flag online along with a new mount. The note states: "Sorry, hope this rights a wrong.'"

Petterson says someone must have stopped at his house late Friday night to deliver the new flag and holder. On Saturday morning he noticed that some extremely large footprints in the snow led to his front door.

"My guess is those footprints were made by a dad who decided to make things right," Petterson says.

Some football fans believe Boise State may be overrated, because it competes in a small conference. But until the Broncos were upset by the University of Nevada, they were high in the national polls.

"I took great pride flying my Broncos flag in the middle of Mizzou Tigers country. I still do," Petterson says. "We live in a troubled time. I think this says a lot about Fulton - the city I love. I definitely forgive whoever took the flag.

"I would like to thank the stranger who performed this act of kindness. This isn't about us. It's about the person who decided to do the right thing."

Petterson says the replacement Broncos flag is larger and the mount of better quality than the one destroyed earlier.

"Christmas came a little early this year," Petterson says, "because of the kindness of a stranger."