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Fulton families boast spooky Halloween decor

Fulton families boast spooky Halloween decor

November 1st, 2016 by Adam Brake in Local News

The Strother family in Fulton fire up their fog machine Monday morning in preparation for the trick-or-treaters last night.

Photo by Adam Brake /Fulton Sun.

Two families at Southwind Lake Estates in Fulton took Halloween decorations to the next level this year.
The eerie graveyard in their front yard comes from hours of work of Melissa Strother and her husband Steven. "We just like Halloween," she said. "It gets a little better every year. This year we added the graveyard and the fog machine."

The couple spent hours preparing for the spooky holiday. "I would say about 12 hours total," she added. "We started on Friday and got it all set up."

Melissa said the locals get a kick out of the scary décor.
"The kids love it," she said. "We have 48 pounds of candy in our bowls."
Steven Strother said he has seen more than 1,000 children come through their neighborhood to trick-or-treat in years past.
"Last year, we had to have had 1,600 people come through," he said. "It's all for the kids. When we were kids, we had things to do. You can't find that kind of stuff anymore, Halloween's kind of it."
Each year, the Strothers add a few small pieces to their overall decoration, Steven said.
"Last year we did a bit, but last year we went a lot farther," he said.
Down the street, Anthony Flores and his family put together another meticulously decorated display. Their yard is decorated with papier mache statues of the characters from Disney's "The Nightmare Before Christmas."
"We also out a projector out here and play 'Nightmare Before Christmas,'" he said. "In the next few years, we're planning to do a zombie Disney Princesses theme."
Flores said his family doesn't rely on buying their decorations.
"All of them are made by us," he said. "We let the kids decide the theme. We try to see they have as much part in it as we do. It probably took around 3 or 4 months to get them all built."
Their love for festive decorations extend to other holidays as well, but Halloween has a special significance in their family, said Flores.
"We do every holiday the best we can," he added. "Halloween is special to us because my family has a lot of birthdays in October, so we just make a big event of it rather than celebrate a party every week."