Former Fulton Public Schools staffer who filed suit against district to be on board of education ballot

Fulton voters are likely to recognize the name of one of the candidates on the ballot for the Fulton School Board this April.

Ruth Burt, a former Fulton Public Schools employee, sued the district in federal court in November 2012. Burt claimed she was wrongfully fired in September 2012 for calling police about a student possibly having a gun at Fulton High School.

The student in question was not proven to have had a gun in school, although he admitted to carrying an air pistol near the school the day before.

Burt’s lawsuit claimed the district had violated her free speech rights and a Missouri law that “makes it unlawful for any supervisor to take any disciplinary action (including termination) against an employee for disclosing any information which the employee reasonably believes evidences a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety.”

The suit was settled out of court.

Burt insists that she does not bear a grudge against the school district, and that the incident had no bearing on her decision to run for the school board.

“I don’t have any hard feelings, I just want a better understanding of how the school board operates,” Burt said. “I’m just interested.”


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