South Callaway looks at facilities planning

— The South Callaway School Board had an eye on the future Wednesday night as Superintendent Kevin Hillman advised members of the need to start planning for facility improvements.

Hillman outlined a few of the potential areas of concern for the district in coming years, noting the board needs to develop short-term and long-term plans to account for making various repairs and upgrades.

“The biggest area we (Hillman and Director of Maintenance Hal Dooley) were scared about is the middle school/elementary school roof — it’s our oldest building, it’s our oldest roof,” Hillman said.

He noted that part of the concern lay in the fact that the 20-section middle school/elementary school roof system is “very cobbled” with repairs and replacement having been made at various spots over the years.

“There is a 15-year span from the oldest applications to the newest,” Hillman said. “We’re going to have to make some adjustments, but … we have a five-year window where we’re in good shape. (But) on the other side of that window we may get into some substantial costs.”

He said there are a few minor leaks around the building, but an inspection showed that the insulation in the roof is not saturated — if it was the district would be looking at completely tearing off and replacing the roof now.

Now that records have been sorted out and inspections have been made — giving district officials a good idea of the age, condition and applicable warranties on the middle school/elementary school roof — Hillman said he is satisfied it is in good enough shape for now.

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