Callaway County jail, road crews at forefront of County Commission’s 2014 plans

As Callaway County enters the new year, the county jail and road crews can expect advancement on two pending projects.

Western District Commissioner Doc Kritzer identified renovations to the jail and the completion of a new Road and Bridge Department facility to be two of the primary budgeted projects on the commission’s agenda for 2014.

Both are projects that had started prior to the beginning of the calendar year. The commission has budgeted a number of needed repairs to the jail in a renovation that will continue into coming years, while the new road facility is expected to be completed by March.

“The jail is 25 years old,” Kritzer said. “And (the road facility) meets a lot of requirements on a number of issues.”

Routine maintenance and upkeep makes up the bulk of the commission’s plans for the jail this year. Kritzer said the jail planned to replace tiling in the kitchen area and a dish sanitizer, two projects that will total about $20,000.

The jail also replaced its furnace Friday after it broke Jan. 1.

The upgrades are working toward a more long-term plan to renovate the county jail.

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