McIntire Elementary School staff takes on ALS ice bucket challenge

McIntire Elementary School Principal Beth Houf films Casey Echelmeier on her cell phone as Echelmeier announces that the school’s staff is accepting the ALS ice bucket challenge. Echelmeier said the school could not find a bucket large enough to hold enough water to dump on the entire staff so asked the Fulton Fire Department to hose them down.

The ALS Association uses the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) — often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease — and to encourage donations. Those who accept the challenge, must allow someone to dump ice water on them, film it and then post it on social media. Whoever is accepting the challenge must call out others on camera to do the same. Those who do not accept the challenge are asked to donate money to an ALS charity.

Houf and the school’s assistant principal Billy Cannon called out the staff. Houf said the challenge was a way to do something fun for a good cause. Fifth-grade teacher Lara Brunk agreed.

"I love it," Brunk said. "I think it was a great cause."

The McIntire staff called out all Fulton School District staff.


McIntire Ice Bucket Challenge


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