Kingdom City hog farm submits application to the Department of Natural Resources

Callaway Farrowing LLC, a spin-off company of Iowa-based Eichelberger Farms Inc., has submitted its operating permit to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for a proposed 10,000-hog facility in Kingdom City.

Neighbors within a 3,000-foot radius of the proposed site received a letter notifying them of Eichelberger’s plans in May.

From there, an opposition group — now named “Friends for Responsible Agriculture” — formed and solicited more than 1,400 signatures on a petition.

The document, stamped “received” on July 31, outlines drawings of the site’s three buildings for gestation (fetus development inside sows: impregnated female pigs) at 6,320-head, farrowing (birthing) at 1,280-head and gilt developing (growth of a female pig until becoming a sow) at 2,720-head.

The permit also details information on manure production and composting. According to composting facility calculations included in the permit, about 694 hogs will be lost per year. Ten-feet deep pits will be in the gestation and farrowing buildings. The gestation facility will produce more than 2.5 million gallons of manure per year, the permit states, and the hogs in the farrowing building will produce more than 970,000 gallons of manure per month. The gilt developer’s pits will be 8 feet deep holding an estimated 814,096 gallons per year.

Also included in the permit is the manure management plan and procedures for emergencies.


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