Farmers advised to check land status

Restrictions placed on erodible farmland, Callaway agency director says

Callaway County and other Central Missouri farmers were warned Tuesday their federal farm program benefits could be lost if they grade or work land on their farm that the federal government believes “is highly erodible or is considered a wetland.”

Darrell Campbell, the federal Farm Service Agency director in Callaway County, said the warning to farmers has been issued by Mark Cadle, state executive director for the federal Farm Service Agency in Missouri.

“Before heading out with a dozer to clear a fence line or hiring a contractor to drain or fill in wet areas of a field, it is extremely important that you have consulted with our staff to ensure these areas are not highly erodible or wetland acres,” Cadle said. “I assure you, the hour or so spent working with our staff to make sure your plans won’t impact these fragile lands before you head to the field will be time well spent.”

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