Fulton schools to formalize snow routes

Fulton Public Schools soon will have an official alternative for transporting students to school when there are excessive amounts of snow on the roadways.

Superintendent Jacque Cowherd said Fulton’s primary difficulty in running bus routes in snowy weather historically has been navigating turn-around points.

“We go down a lot of dead-end routes. The issue was not roads being passable, the issue was buses getting stuck trying to turn around,” Cowherd said.

He said last year district drivers sometimes got around that problem by figuring out how far they could safely get down a route and then calling parents to make pick-up arrangements.

“We did this last year, we’re just formalizing the process,” Cowherd said.

Transportation Director Bryan Abbott said the now-official snow routes were developed with several considerations in mind.

“Basically what we did was sit down and look at routes with each driver — they’re the ones who drive those routes every day, they know them best,” Abbott said.

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