Fulton Middle School "pumps up the purple" on cystic fibrosis awareness

The Fulton Middle School student council sponsored an event Wednesday called “Pump Up the Purple” to raise awareness about cystic fibrosis (CF), a condition in which thick mucus clogs lungs. The inspiration for the event was 1-year-old Lizzy Metz, the niece of the student council’s sponsor and special education teacher Janet Trowbridge. She said middle school students are at an age when they “realize they can make a difference” and found it inspiring to watch them focused on creating change.

“When we realized Lizzy had CF, I had to look up what it was,” Trowbridge said. “And so now we’ve learned about other people in the community who have CF and it’s so important to help not just Lizzy, but all the families impacted with CF.”


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