Fulton development council seeks EEZ again

Plans for tax incentive zone in Callaway County delayed by state not updating newest census data

The Missouri Department of Economic Development’s failure to update its computers with 2010 U.S. Census data has delayed efforts to develop an Enhanced Enterprise Zone in Callaway County — an effort local officials believe would to boost employment.

Bruce Hackmann, president of the Fulton Area Development Corporation, said Wednesday the organization’s plan to create an Enhanced Enterprise Zone in Callaway County has been blocked by the state agency’s failure to provide updated census data needed to prepare a map of a proposed EEZ in Callaway County.

“It’s extremely frustrating to us,” Hackmann of Fulton said. “We still have to wait. The map of the previously proposed EEZ area in Callaway County that was offered last year must be redrawn because it is based on now-outdated 2000 U.S. Census data.”

Hackmann said when the board of directors of the Fulton Area Development Corporation decided to postpone the EEZ proposal, their action indicated that after looking at a redrawn map they would make a decision on whether to move forward with the EEZ proposal or not.

“At this point,” Hackmann said, “we have not been able to draw a new map because the state still does not have updated 2010 federal census data. After the board sees the new map, then they will have to decide whether it does what we need to accomplish with the Enhanced Enterprise Zone.”

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