Power plant road not included in state’s draft 5-year road plan

A Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) plan to build a $32.8 million road between Fulton and the Callaway Energy Center’s nuclear power plant is not included in the department’s proposed five-year $32.3 million transportation improvement program for Callaway County.

MoDOT’s Central District presented its five-year construction plan to the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission on Wednesday containing only one major highway project in Central Missouri, a $23 million proposal to build a new interchange next year at Route 50 and Lafayette Street in Jefferson City. The new interchange will provide quicker access from the highway to the new federal courthouse in Jefferson City.

The department’s plan, however, is subject to revision after the public review period of the tentative plan.

After the review period, the commission will take comments by citizens into consideration when it approves the five-year plan through 2018 in a July 10 commission meeting in Rolla.

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