Governor’s withholding to cost $50,000 in lost school aid to New Bloomfield school

The New Bloomfield R-3 School District’s share of the $400 million in appropriated state spending withheld by Gov. Jay Nixon is about $50,000, the district’s Board of Education was told Thursday night.

New Bloomfield Superintendent David Tramel said Nixon has frozen state aid to schools under the state’s school aid foundation program.

“Right now we will have in round numbers about $50,000 less in state aid coming,” Tramel said.

Nixon is withholding more than $400 million in overall state spending for the current fiscal year appropriated by the legislature. The governor said he took the action to await the outcome of a planned effort by legislators this September to override his veto of the tax cut legislation.

Nixon has contended the state would lose at least $400 million in revenue if the tax cut is approved over his veto.

Legislators believe the tax cut is designed to make Missouri businesses more competitive and boost employment statewide.

Tramel disagreed with legislators, saying he thought the economy is in bad shape now and Missouri “is not fertile ground” for job growth.

Tramel said he is for long-term job growth but he is most concerned about the short-term loss in state aid, which he estimated at about $50,000.

The superintendents of the four Callaway County public school districts, Tramel said, have agreed to lobby Missouri legislators and ask them to vote against the tax cut legislation and to sustain Nixon’s veto of the measure designed to spur job growth.

As part of their effort, the Callaway County superintendents have agreed to come up with an exact figure that they believe they will lose in state aid if the veto is overridden.

“I don’t think the veto will be overridden,” Tramel said.

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