Callaway hears appeals of tax assessments

Members of the Callaway County Board of Equalization will meet this week and possibly next week to hear tax assessment appeals from Callaway County property owners.

“We will schedule appeals all this week and also next week if there are enough people interested in appealing,” Callaway County Presiding Commissioner Gary Jungermann said.

After the County Assessor’s Office makes a change in assessment, a letter is sent to the property owner informing him of the change.

The property owner then can schedule an appeal hearing with the county tax equalization board with the County Clerk’s office. The County Clerk serves as a non-voting secretary to the Board of Equalization.

The clerk’s office has 13 citizens scheduled to appear this week before the board to protest their tax assessments.

In addition to Jungermann, other members of the Board of Equalization are Western District Commissioner Doc Kreitzer, Eastern District Commissioner Randy Kleindienst, Fulton Planning and Protective Services Director Les Hudson and Fulton Realtor Joan Berry.

Jungermann said most people are mainly concerned about higher taxes that come with an increase in the assessed valuation of real estate or personal property.

“They need to give us information about why they think the assessment is wrong,” Jungermann said.

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